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Natural Burial at Clayton Wood £4,920


An attended service with mourners and ceremony at Clayton Wood in Hassocks, north of Brighton, West Sussex for those who want a dignified send-off.


What's included for £4,920?

hospital building icon

Into Our Care

Bringing your loved one into our care from a local hospital

candle icon for visiting your loved one


Visiting your loved one in our

Chapel of Rest

personal interview icon to receive your instructions


Personal interview

to receive your instructions 

clipboard icon for planning funeral arrangements


All funeral and planning arrangements

clock icon for arranging a time and day for the funeral

Your Choice

Arranging a time and day convenient to you for the burial

coffin image


A standard sized eco-friendly

cardboard coffin. 

celebrant icon for conducting the funeral ceremony

Funeral Service

A funeral service & eulogy conducted by an officiant

music note icon for your funeral music

Music Tribute

Your favourite music tracks sourced and played

pallbearers and coffin and hearse icon

Black hearse and four pallbearers to the cemetery


holding hand symbol for support from the funeral director

Funeral Director

Attendance of a highly experienced Funeral Director

grave headstone image for a natural burial grave

New Grave

Ownership of a

new grave in

Oak Lea Meadow.

grave digging icon for preperation of a natural grave

Interment Fees

Grave digging fees

for a single depth grave

What's not included?

stopwatch timer icon for urgent collection of the deceased
cross icon for what's not included

Urgent Collection

If your loved one dies at home, in a care home or a hospice, add £250 and mileage

male and female clothing icon for dressing the deceased in their own clothes
cross icon for what's not included


If you want your loved one dressed and comfortable in their own clothes, add £80

floral tribute icon for coffin tribute
cross icon for what's not included


A floral tribute for the top of the coffin. Available from £30

money changing between hands for credit payment of funeral
cross icon for what's not included


Payment must be made prior to the funeral unless agreed otherwise by Rounce

£4,920 Price Breakdown

A dignified natural burial at Clayton Wood attended with mourners, at a time and day of your choice is currently £4,920.


The cost of a funeral is made up of three elements: (1) Rounce Services; (2) a Coffin; and (3) Disbursements:

(1) Rounce Services £1,695

(2) A Coffin £480

(3) Disbursements £2,745 (third party payments paid on your behalf) which includes:

  • A religious, non-religious, or semi-religious service conducted by either a Minister, a Priest, a Humanist, or a celebrant (£250).

  • A new grave in Oak Lea Meadow (£1,830).

  • Grave digging fees for a single depth (£665).

TOTAL: £4,920

Therefore as an example, a dignified burial in Oak Lea Meadow at 12 noon at Clayton Wood Natural Burial Ground on a Friday with a hearse and pallbearers, a green cardboard coffin and a celebrant to conduct a semi-religious service in Clayton Wood Chapel would cost a total of £4,920.

What facilities are available at Clayton Wood?

person sitting in chair for number of seats available at clayton wood


The Oak Service Hall seats 60 people + a standing area that is undercover.

clock icon for amount of service time at burial site

Service Time

Standard time slot of 60 minutes. Extra time slots can be purchased.

chapel curtains around coffin icon
cross icon for what's not included

Chapel Curtains

Curtains around the coffin can be closed or left open. Not available.

car parking icon for number of parking spaces


Parking for 40 cars. There are no specific disabled parking spaces.

music note icon for wesley music system


Wesley system with access to millions of tracks & can play pieces personally recorded

slideshow video icon for customer media tribute

Slideshow / Video

Slideshow to music with up to 25 photos and / or customer made video

webcast streaming icon for on demand view of funeral ceremony


Live Stream + 7 day on demand view. 150 friends can view from anywhere in the world

digital musical organ icon

Musical Organ

Digital Organ / piano and organist available

accessible disabled toilet icon

Toilet Facilities

Toilet facilities including disabled and baby change facilities

hearing induction loop icon
cross icon for what's not included

Induction Loop

Induction loops for the hearing impaired.

Not available.

wheelchair accessible icon


Wheelchair accessible but no wheelchair is available on request

buffet catering symbol
cross icon for what's not included


None available on-site

Our Reviews

We have helped over 2,000 families over 20 years

to give their loved ones' a personal, dignified send off. 

Why choose Rounce?

empathy compassion icon


Supportive, compassionate,

and professional

transparency icon for clear pricing


Clear on what

is included

in the price

family icon for independent family firm

Family Owned

Independent firm, with a great local reputation to uphold

customer service icon for tailored personal service

Personal Service

Fantastic personal service, tailored to your needs

price icon for reasonable cost

Reasonable Cost

Keeping costs low

at such a difficult time for you and your family

excellence icon for everything exactly as you want it to be


Everything exactly as you want, and as your loved one would have wished

Tell us someone has died

Want to make arrangements or need more information? Call our friendly and experienced team now.
They are available 24/7 to help you.

If you have questions to ask but don't feel like speaking to anyone at the moment, you can email us now and we will respond very shortly with compassionate, expert advice.

Clayton Wood Price Lists 2024

Rounce Funeral Services have been a leading light in advertising all prices for the last 20 years on our website and in our premises.
We have always believed that every customer should know how much Rounce charge for a funeral and any other associated costs before they
engage our services.
Please find
pdfs of the Clayton Wood Price Lists for 2024 for Burials, Visual Tributes and Memorials for download and print:


Burial Fees

Visual Tribute Fees

Memorial Fees

Clayton Wood Natural Burial Ground - General information

Opened in 2008 below the Jack and Jill Windmills, Clayton Wood has various dedicated areas for full natural burial and cremated remains, as well as memorial scattering lawns, surrounded by native trees for future generations to enjoy.

As part of their commitment to sustainable management, they are working with the Wildlife Trust to develop a long-term conservation plan. Their aim is to create a beautiful natural native woodland that will link up with two other existing woods, creating migration corridors for wildlife.

Their address and telephone number is:


Clayton Wood Natural Burial Ground

Brighton Road


West Sussex


01273 843842


Set in 15 acres of countryside you can be part of a new English wood that will be protected from development, within the South Downs National Park.

There is one chapel, the Oak Service Hall which seats approximately 60 people.

Clayton Wood offers a number of natural burial choice, with plots available for both full burial and cremated remains. These plots can be purchased in advance, side by side, if required.

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