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Making the arrangements for the funeral


Who will arrange the funeral? You need to decide on whether you are having a cremation or a burial.

How would you like to personalise the funeral?

Who will make the arrangements?

The person who arranges the funeral must be able to make decisions regarding the funeral. This person will also be responsible for payment of the funeral.

The first decision you will have to make is whether it will be a cremation or burial. This is a very personal decision influenced by many factors including religion, a personal preference expressed when the person was alive, or contained within their last will and testament.

Approximately 80% of the funerals Rounce Funeral Services conduct are cremations. A burial is more expensive due to the cost of a new grave, the digging or re-opening of the grave, and the removal of an old headstone or the cost of a new one. 

Selecting an appropriate coffin

We include in our price plans a choice of coffins which are suitable for both cremation or burial.  Apart from these we have a full range of coffins available ranging from cardboard and wicker to solid hardwoods.

The Funeral Ceremony

The funeral ceremony for a cremation can be conducted at the Crematorium Chapel, or at a Church followed by a committal at the Crematorium.

Burials can have the funeral ceremony in Church, the Chapel at the Cemetery or at the graveside. We will agree a date and time for this to suit you.

Other subjects to be considered are whether to have a religious or non-religious service, if indeed you want a service at all. Do you have someone in mind that you would like to take the service? We are happy to recommend a Minister, Celebrant or Humanist who we already know very well to conduct the funeral ceremony.

Would family or friends like to take part with a reading, poetry or recollections of the person? Whatever you decide, we shall be pleased to arrange.

What music you would like if any? You can have traditional hymns, popular songs, or maybe your loved one had their own favourites? If the crematorium is on the Wesley or Obitus Music System, then any music track that has been commercially issued is available. Just advise us of the track names and artists and we will arrange for them to be played on the day itself. Even recordings made by the person who has passed away may be able to be played.

Would you require service sheets for the congregation and maps for mourners who may have to travel to attend?

You also need to decide whether you want flowers for the funeral, or perhaps donations to a named charity. If you want flowers and a cremation is planned, you can decide what should be done with the flowers afterwards. The local hospice or nursing home may be pleased to accept your tributes.

Please remember that arrangements can be altered. It is extremely important to us that we provide the funeral you require.

Making the funeral unique

The following ideas have been requested by bereaved families. We show them to illustrate how important it is to us that the funeral we are arranging is to your requirements.

Would you like the journey to the Church, Cemetery or Crematorium to go via a particular house or location that has a special significance to you or your loved one?

As an alternative we can offer a horse-drawn hearse, dray horse-drawn hearse or possibly a motorcycle hearse for those that had a love of motorbikes.

If it is your request that flowers are not sent, you may decide on one main tribute on the top of the coffin with flower cards from the close family. Friends and other relatives could make a donation to the deceaseds' preferred charity. Cheques made payable to the charity may be sent or passed to us. We will forward them after 4 or 5 weeks and inform you of the donors so that you may thank them for their kind donation.

Some people may just want to touch the coffin at some time during the funeral ceremony and others may want to be pallbearers.

Would you like a favourite photograph of the deceased to be placed on the coffin during the service?

Perhaps you would like to have the bagpipes played, a jazz band or a solo singer? Some people like to release a dove as a moving tribute to a loved one who has passed. Whatever you decide we will endeavour to achieve.

Some people like to leave a momento of special significance in the coffin.

Relatives or friends may wish to create a memory board to be displayed at the service or at the wake afterwards. Perhaps a photographic history of the deceased?

Similarly a memory table displays items of special significance, such as reminders of a hobby or special interest. 


Your choice

Most people want the funeral director to handle everything, but others feel the need to be more involved.

There is no right or wrong way to say your goodbyes. Only you know what you would like and we promise to help wherever possible to provide the service that you want.

Of course we will handle the insertion of press announcements and give assistance with ordering, care and final distribution of floral tributes.

We will be pleased to help with the choice and supply of a memorial, and to make arrangements for catering if required.


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