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Standardised Price List


Rounce Funeral Services have been a leading light in advertising all of our prices for the last 20 years on our website and in our premises.
We have always believed that every customer should know how much Rounce charge for a funeral and any other associated costs before they
engage our services.
Please find a pdf of our Standardised Price List 2024
 for download and print.​


Standardised Price List 2024


Step into our Reviews Section, a space where the heartfelt narratives and shared experiences of over 2,000 families converge to illuminate the compassionate journey we've undertaken in the past 20 years at Rounce Funeral Services. Our mission is at the core of providing a deeply personal and dignified send-off for your loved ones. As a renowned leader in funeral services, our commitment to professionalism, attention to detail, impeccable standards of dress, and staff competence is unparalleled. While we confidently stand by our reputation, we invite you to form your own opinion by delving into the genuine testimonials left by the families we've had the privilege to serve. Explore the reflections of those who entrusted us, and discover why Rounce Funeral Services is recognized for its unwavering dedication to honouring and celebrating lives with the utmost care and compassion.

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