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Guildford Funeral Directors

The Simple Funeral At Guildford Crematorium £3,171

Fully Inclusive Of All 3rd Party Fees


An affordable and dignified, highest quality simple funeral service at Guildford Crematorium.
With a multi-award winning, local Sussex, family owned Funeral Director.
You can also pre-pay for The Simple Funeral at Guildford Crematorium for £285 extra, making the total £3,456.


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based on 150+ Google reviews

What is the cost of The Simple Funeral at Guildford Crematorium and what is included in the service?

A Simple Funeral at Guildford crematorium at a time and day of your choice is currently £3,171 fully inclusive of all costs. The cost of a funeral is made up of three elements: our services; a coffin; and disbursements.

The price breakdown is as follows. 


Our Services £1,495 which includes:

  • bringing your loved one into our care from a hospital within a 15 mile radius of Worthing. Bringing your loved one into our care from anywhere other than a hospital (i.e. from home, a nursing home or a hospice) will incur an additional fee of £250. Extra mileage will be charged accordingly.

  • visiting your loved one in our Chapel of Rest with an open or closed coffin. We have a music system if you would like to bring in CDs and listen to your loved ones favourite music in tribute to them.

  • Arranging a time and day convenient to you for the funeral.

  • the provision of a black hearse and four pallbearers.

  • The attendance of your personal Funeral Director throughout proceedings to ensure the smooth running of events.

  • a personal interview to receive your instructions at our premises, over the phone or via email.

  • guidance on the Registration of Death.

  • completion of all legal necessities and documentation relating to the funeral on your behalf.

  • 24 hour support and assistance up to the time of the funeral.

  • Collection of floral tribute cards.

  • Distribution of floral tributes within a 5 mile radius.

  • Receipt, listing and distribution of charitable donations.

  • Arrangement of press notices.

  • provision of your loved ones' ashes in a functional container.


A coffin £295

  • Provision of a light oak effect coffin, fully lined and fitted, up to and including 6' 4'' x 24'' x 14'' (L x W x D).


Disbursements £1,381 (third party payments paid on your behalf) which includes:

  • A religious, non-religious, or semi-religious service conducted by either a Minister, a Priest, a Humanist, or a celebrant (£250).

  • All Doctors' fees paid on your behalf (£82). If referred to the Coroner, deduct £82.

  • All Crematorium fees at Guildford crematorium paid on your behalf (£1,049).


Therefore as an example, a dignified cremation at 12 noon at Guildford crematorium on a Friday with a hearse and pallbearers, an oak-effect coffin and a celebrant to conduct a semi-religious service would cost a total of £3,171.


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based on 150+ Google reviews

What our customers say

William Street

We used Rounce recently and they were brilliant during a difficult time. They are focused on enabling you to have the funeral for the loved one you want and there is no selling in terms of extras. Their tone is great and they managed the funeral really well. Would recommend to anyone.

Victor Goldring


My wife and I thoroughly recommend this independent company for their respectful and professional handling of the cremation arrangements for her mother. They offered complete advice for all that needs to be done when a death occurs and were very helpful in answering our questions. They were the only Funeral Directors that we found that openly displays all the costs and fees on their website (which were very reasonable) and there was absolutely no 'hard selling' of higher priced items or services that some companies are known for - just a discussion to carry out our instructions.

Richard Groombridge

At a difficult time,it was like they were family I was confiding in.
A lot of weight was taken off of me by their helpfulness,knowledge and professionalism.
Thankyou so very much to Jan and everyone xx


Guildford Crematorium - general information

Built originally in 1966, Guildford crematorium is situated on the B3000 road between Guildford and Godalming town centres, 2 miles south of Guildford on the southern boundary of the borough.

The address and telephone number is:


Guildford Crematorium
New Pond Road
Surrey GU7 3DB

01483 444711

Guildford Crematorium is set in beautifully landscaped gardens and as well as having a first class music system, they are able to set your photographs to music to play a touching visual tribute on a TV screen.

There is one chapel that can accommodate 100 people seated and 100 people standing. There is a service time of 30 minutes.

Guildford Crematorium is situated within a rural setting of 26 acres, of which 11 acres have been set aside for use as a Garden of Remembrance, where memorial trees, roses and shrubs have been planted in memory of those departed.

Cremated Remains are either interred in the Garden of Remembrance, Vaults or scattered in the Glades.

Tell us someone has died

If you have questions to ask but don't feel like speaking to anyone at the moment, you can email us now and we will respond very shortly with compassionate, expert advice.

Want to make arrangements or need more information? Call our friendly and experienced team now.
They are available 24/7 to help you.

Rounce Funeral Services have been a leading light in advertising all prices for the last 20 years on our website and in our premises.
We have always believed that every customer should know how much Rounce charge for a funeral and any other associated costs before they
engage our services.
Please find a pdf of the Guildford 
Crematorium Price List for 2023 for download and print.​


Guildford Crematorium Price List 2023

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