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Our Premises


We invite you to compare our premises, services and professional care with any other funeral home of your choice. We are proud to have a consumer orientated pricing policy with no sales targets or up-selling.

Rounce Funeral Services Reception
If  you are planning on visiting us, please phone us beforehand on 01903 692626 and we will ensure that no other family is with us when you visit. 
Rounce Funeral Services Reception
As professional funeral directors, we are members of The National Society of Allied and Independent Funeral Directors (SAIF), and adhere to its Code of Practice.
Rounce Funeral Services Premises
We believe in complete freedom of choice to the bereaved and transparency of service and operations. We have no sales targets and will never try to up-sell to you. 
Rounce Funeral Services Arrangement Room
At other funeral directors, it is often the case that you will arrange a funeral with one person and then meet a complete stranger who will direct the funeral on the day itself. You will not know if all of your instructions have been communicated to the other person correctly, and in our experience this can increase your stress levels.
At Rounce Funeral Services, this will never happen. Whoever you make the arrangements with, they will be the one directing the funeral on the day, instantly recognisable, impeccable and experienced, making sure that everything runs as smoothly as ever.
Rounce Funeral Services Arrangement Room
You will find that Rounce Funeral Services offer you a much greater choice of options than other funeral directors, and this will enable you to tailor the funeral more appropriately.
Rounce Funeral Services Shopfront
There is free parking directly outside.
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