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Journey of Dignity: Our Fleet of Elegance for a Lasting Tribute

Embark on a journey of dignity and grace with our distinguished fleet at Rounce Funeral Services. Our Black Jaguar hearse epitomizes style and sophistication, ensuring a graceful conveyance for you and your loved one on their final journey. With a commitment to upholding the esteemed standards of this historic brand, our fleet features a range of Hearses and Limousines, promising a funeral characterized by understated elegance and timeless style.

Throughout this poignant journey, our team of impeccably-uniformed professional drivers, bearers, and funeral conductor will stand by your side, offering unwavering support during this challenging day. From the sleek Black limousines to the majestic Horse-drawn hearses and the iconic Motorcycle hearses, our diverse fleet caters to individual preferences, ensuring every detail is handled with care and compassion. At Rounce Funeral Services, we understand the importance of honouring your loved one with a fitting and poignant final journey, and our fleet is designed to do just that.

Rounce Jaguar hearse
Black Jaguar hearse - Included

Experience the epitome of style and sophistication with our iconic Jaguar fleet, ensuring a graceful conveyance for you and your loved one on their final journey.
Adhering to the high standards associated with this historic brand, our fleet, featuring both Hearses and Limousines, promises a funeral characteriz
ed by understated elegance and timeless style.

Throughout this poignant journey, our team of impeccably-uniformed professional drivers, bearers, and funeral conductor will stand by your side. Their unwavering support is designed to offer reassurance during this challenging day, ensuring that every detail is handled with care and compassion.
Rounce Jaguar limousine
Each black limousine £380

Each limousine seats up to six people and costs £380.
These sleek vehicles accom
modate up to six individuals, transporting you seamlessly from your designated starting point to the funeral venue and then back home or to a wake after the service concludes.
Rounce silver Mercedes hearse and limousine
Silver hearse - add £250
Each silver limousine £450

Our black hearse is included in the cost of our normal service charge.
However, if you prefer a silver hearse and limousines, just let us know and we will arrange this
for an extra charge.
The silver hearse is carefully finished in every detail and the silver limousines seat up to six people each.
Horse-drawn hearse (2 horses) £1250

Enhance any funeral cortege with the exquisite presence of our majestic horses and funeral carriages. Choose from our beautiful white carriage horses or the striking jet black Friesian stallions, also affectionately known as Belgian Blacks. Selected for their noble demeanour and gentle character, these horses embody the traditional essence of funeral processions.
Horse-drawn hearse (4 horses) £2000

Our hearses, modern reproductions of Victorian classics, stand ready to carry even the largest coffins or caskets.
Each hearse is fully equipped with straps and hooks, offering an elegant display for floral tributes when desired.
For those with a deep connection or passion for horses, what better way to honour their memory than with this fitting and poignant final journey?
Horse-drawn hearse (2 Greys) £1250

Our Hungarian Greys are partnered with our white hearse in our first-class professional service. Elegant and dignified, Hungarian Grey horses bring a unique and timeless touch to a funeral cortege. Renowned for their graceful stature and gentle temperament, these horses embody a symbol of reverence and honour. The sleek grey coat of these majestic animals adds a sense of serenity and solemnity to the procession, creating a truly memorable and meaningful farewell. Choosing Hungarian Grey horses for a funeral cortege is a tribute to tradition and a poignant way to celebrate the life of a loved one with a touch of grace and beauty.
Motorcycle hearse £1155-£1305

Started In 2002 Rev. Paul Sinclair founded Motorcycle Funerals Limited, Britain's first motorcycle hearse service. Paul, who has served at funerals for 29 years, believes we should reflect people's lifestyles in their funerals. "No one places an Everton fan in a Liverpool strip when they die so why should a motorcycle enthusiast be last seen in an automobile?" High winds, rain and snow? Protected behind clear glass the coffin will not blow off or be covered in road slime.
Classic Style Triumph (Twin) £1235

The Triumph Thunderbird is a traditional British twin, a 1600cc twin at that! This bike is so powerful it may appeal to classic train enthusiasts! Built in Great Britain this outfit is fast proving popular with a large range of people, from classic bike enthusiasts through to people who simply want something stunning, sensational and stylish.
Classic Style Triumph (Triple) £1235

Traditionally styled this 'Proper British Bike' was built completely in Great Britain and is popular with the broadest spectrum of people and motorcycle enthusiasts alike. As with all British specification hearses and the rest of the fleet it has a Funeral Director's pillion seat, flower rail, secure hearse fittings, internal temperature control for warm weather and de-misting with a combination of glass roof and internal lights to display both flowers and artefacts.
"What a beautiful outfit." "A Proper British Bike."
Suzuki Hayabusa £1235

"You did The Ton with my brother; that meant so much."
As the fastest motorcycle hearse in the world the Suzuki Hayabusa provides the Ultimate Send Off for the Ultimate Riders.
It is fast, sleek and popular with racers, marshals, sport enthusiasts and people who lived life in the fast lane.
It set the first official motorcycle hearse speed record in 2002 and beat it in 2004. Recently presented with the Guinness World Record for fastest motorcycle hearse.
Harley Davidson £1305

There's a unique resonance and sensation that only an authentic Harley Davidson can provide. To truly capture the essence of the Harley Davidson experience, you deserve the genuine article!
Our Harley Davidson hearse ensures that your loved one remains by your side on that ultimate journey, regardless of the weather.
Trust in the authenticity of a Harley Davidson to make the farewell truly exceptional.
Economy motorcycle hearse £1155

When you want an authentic motorbike, but don't mind which one we can cut down our logistical costs to provide a reduced price.
There will be no compromise on quality and
we will only send a fully engineered rock-solid motorcycle hearse with a professional rider, nothing less. The saving is gained through reducing our mileage, not our quality of service. 
Trike £1205

Catering to the distinct tastes of individuals, just like automobile, horse, and motorcycle enthusiasts, trike enthusiasts now have an exclusive option! Introducing Britain's pioneering full-length hearse specially designed for trike enthusiasts. While automobile lovers have their dedicated hearses and motorcycle enthusiasts have motorcycle and sidecar hearses, trike enthusiasts can now rejoice in having a full-length hearse. The impressive 24-foot-long, 5-wheeled Trike motorcycle hearse accommodates two passengers along with the rider, ensuring a unique and meaningful final journey for your loved one.
Land Rover Defender 130 hearse £1045

Our Land Rover Defender Hearse, a unique and distinctive specialised funeral hearse finished in Land Rovers autobiography colour scheme silver and black, to complement our stylish silver limousine fleet colour scheme.
Offering an alternative dignified vehicle for any family who are 4x4 or Land Rover enthusiasts. With this iconic and instantly recognisable vehicle you can express and show off your loved ones passion in life. 
VW Transporter Camper hearse £1045

Our VW Camper Hearse is an appropriate alternative for some families for a variety of reasons: the enthusiasm of VWs in general; the surfing and mountain biking connection; or it can be a love of camping.
The vehicle can be perso
nalised with magnetic decals of whichever image you prefer, from butterflies to bikes; from flowers to footballs. Rounce Funeral Services can assist with design work and make up for you to decorate our Camper hearse. 
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