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Scatter Tubes


Scatter Tubes are a practical and affordable way of scattering cremated remains or ashes during a dignified ceremony.  They are also an ideal container for a token or keepsake amount of ashes.  They are available from Rounce in a range of sizes, depending on your requirements.  The largest size will hold one adult set of cremated remains, the other sizes are for dividing the ashes between friends and family.  Rounce are available to decant cremated remains into scatter tubes at your request.

Sunflower scatter tube
Rainbow scatter tube
Bluebell Wood scatter tube
Bluebell Wood
Poppy scatter tube
Butterfly scatter tube
Autumn scatter tube
Sizes and prices

Cardboard scatter tube

with separate lid.

Large: 240 cubic inch capacity

(ideal for adult ashes).
Max. width 13cm.
Max. height 37cm.

Price: £30

Medium: 120 cubic inch capacity

(ideal for child or split ashes).
Max. width 11cm.
Max. height 25cm.

Price: £25

Small: 25 cubic inch capacity

(ideal for baby or token ashes).
Max. width 7.5cm.
Max. height 13.5cm.

Price: £20

Keepsake: 4 cubic inch capacity

(ideal for keepsake ashes or jewellery returns).
Max. width 3.5cm.
Max. height 9cm.

Price: £15

Scatter tube product range
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