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Scatter Tubes


Welcome to Rounce Funeral Services, where we understand that honouring the final wishes of your loved ones is a deeply personal and significant endeavour. The act of scattering ashes is often a poignant choice, allowing for a meaningful connection between the departed and the places that held special significance in their life. Our Scatter Tubes, designed with ashes scattering in mind, offer a simple, eco-friendly, and beautiful solution for this heartfelt tribute.

Scattering ashes can be a cherished way to fulfil the final wishes of a loved one, whether it's at home, in a serene Garden of Remembrance, or at a favourite location filled with precious memories. At Rounce Funeral Services, we recognize the importance of creating a seamless and respectful experience, which is why our Scatter Tubes have become one of our most popular products.

Crafted with simplicity and eco-friendliness in mind, our Scatter Tubes serve as versatile and attractive vessels for ashes scattering or burial. Families often choose Scatter Tubes to share ashes among family members or as keepsakes, reflecting the enduring popularity of this thoughtful memorialization option.

We take pride in offering the widest range of beautiful designs, ensuring that you can find a Scatter Tube that resonates with the unique spirit of your loved one. Our sizes range from tiny keepsakes to accommodate token ashes to full-sized options, providing flexibility for your specific needs.

Environmentally conscious choices are integral to our values. Our Scatter Tubes are created from over 90% recycled materials, making them a sustainable and eco-friendly option. As an additional tribute, our Meadow Tributes range includes matching Scatter Tubes, sympathy cards, and wildflower seed packs. These seeds can be scattered with the ashes, creating a beautiful growing tribute to celebrate the life of your loved one.

To assist you in finding the perfect Scatter Tube, we provide a Sizing Guide for guidance. At Rounce Funeral Services, we are committed to providing you with compassionate and comprehensive support as you navigate the meaningful process of scattering ashes and celebrating the life of your cherished one.

Sunflower scatter tube
Rainbow scatter tube
Bluebell Wood scatter tube
Bluebell Wood
Poppy scatter tube
Butterfly scatter tube
Autumn scatter tube
Sizes and prices

Cardboard scatter tube

with separate lid.

Large: 240 cubic inch capacity

(ideal for adult ashes).
Max. width 13cm.
Max. height 37cm.

Price: £30

Medium: 120 cubic inch capacity

(ideal for child or split ashes).
Max. width 11cm.
Max. height 25cm.

Price: £25

Small: 25 cubic inch capacity

(ideal for baby or token ashes).
Max. width 7.5cm.
Max. height 13.5cm.

Price: £20

Keepsake: 4 cubic inch capacity

(ideal for keepsake ashes or jewellery returns).
Max. width 3.5cm.
Max. height 9cm.

Price: £15

Decanting Surcharge: Rounce will decant ashes into your chosen Scatter Tube.

Available by request.

Price: £10

Scatter tube product range
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