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Welcome to Rounce Funeral Services, where we understand the significance of honouring your loved ones with dignity and respect. Our coffin webpage offers a diverse range of options to suit every preference and reflect the unique personalities of those we commemorate. From eco-friendly choices like willow and bamboo to the warmth of woollen, the simplicity of cardboard, the classic appeal of wood effect, veneered options, and the timeless elegance of solid wood coffins, we provide a comprehensive selection to meet various tastes and values. Choose from our traditional, brightly coloured, or natural coffins such as wicker and wool, allowing you to tailor the farewell to your loved one's preferences. Additionally, our personalized options extend to creating something truly unique, like a picture coffin adorned with meaningful photographs, ensuring a personalized and heartfelt tribute. At Rounce Funeral Services, we are committed to helping you craft a farewell that is as special and individual as the life it commemorates.

Woven Wicker Willow Coffins


Welcome to the epitome of eco-conscious elegance with our woven coffins, each meticulously crafted and approved under the Funeral Furnishing Manufacturer’s Association (FFMA) Coffin Certification Scheme. These beautiful coffins have been certified for weight-bearing up to 190.5kg (29½ stone), ensuring both strength and security. Featuring six natural handles, each certified to bear 50kg, and an integrated base of solid plywood with recessed fastenings, our woven coffins are equally suitable for burial or cremation. Embracing a commitment to sustainability, these coffins boast natural, unbleached calico linings and fastenings made of entirely biodegradable materials. Crafted by hand with skills passed down through generations, our natural wicker coffins are a perfect complement to your loved one, offering a 100% eco-friendly, ethical, and biodegradable option. We take pride in sourcing materials carefully to promote sustainability, ensuring the highest standards of quality for these handwoven coffins made in our Sussex-based workshop. Choose a wicker coffin that reflects your values – natural, ethical, and a beautiful tribute to a life well-lived.

Willow & Bulrush Teardrop Coffin

Beautifully hand crafted from natural woven willow & bulrush. Completely biodegradable and suitable for burial or cremation. From £900

The Rattan Teardrop Coffin

Beautifully hand crafted from natural woven rattan. Completely biodegradable and suitable for burial or cremation. From £900

Willow Traditional Coffin

Beautifully hand crafted from natural woven willow. Completely biodegradable and suitable for burial or cremation. From £900

Willow Teardrop Coffin

Beautifully hand crafted from natural woven willow. Completely biodegradable and suitable for burial or cremation. From £900

Bamboo Teardrop Coffin

Beautifully hand crafted from natural woven bamboo. Completely biodegradable and suitable for burial or cremation. From £900

Coloured Willow Teardrop Coffin

From pastel lemon to bold black, choose any shade for a personal and beautiful farewell. From £1,000

Woollen Coffins


Discover the warmth and sustainability of our Woollen Coffins, proudly crafted in Yorkshire using pure new wool atop a sturdy recycled cardboard frame. Wool, a fibre with a true green lineage, not only exudes natural elegance but is also sustainable and biodegradable. The interior is thoughtfully lined with organic cotton and adorned with attractive jute edges, complemented by an embroidered woollen nameplate for a personalized touch. Our Natural Legacy Wool coffin, expertly woven in Yorkshire, stands as a testament to the rich heritage of the region. Gentle on the eyes and soft to the touch, Natural Legacy coffins provide families with a less severe and more personalized farewell. Certified by the FFMA, these coffins are suitable for both cremation and eco-friendly burials in the UK. Hand-constructed on the same premises that has produced the outer woollen cloth for over 230 years, Natural Legacy ensures a timeless tribute that aligns with your values of sustainability and warmth.

white woollen coffin
White Woollen Coffin

£900 depending on size

grey woollen coffin
Grey Woollen Coffin

£900 depending on size

Cardboard Coffins


Introducing our high-quality Cardboard Coffins, expertly manufactured from corrugated cardboard that strikes a perfect balance between strength and lightweight manageability. Certified for weight-bearing up to 165 kg (26 stone), these coffins provide a sturdy alternative to traditional wooden styles, ideal for those seeking a natural burial. As environmental consciousness grows, cardboard coffins have become increasingly popular, offering a kinder option for the planet. 100% biodegradable, these coffins return to the earth, leaving behind nothing unnatural or imperishable. Sustainability is at the core of our cardboard coffins, with at least 70% of the material sourced from recycled paper and wood pulp from reputable sustainable forests. Available in three different appearances, all equipped with natural rope handles, our basic cardboard coffins are customizable, with the option to choose the white coffin in a different single colour. Rest assured, our commitment to eco-friendliness is unwavering, as all our cardboard coffins are constructed without the use of plastic, ensuring a fully 100% biodegradable farewell option. Choose sustainability without compromising quality with our environmentally friendly Cardboard Coffins.

woodland green cardboard coffin
Woodland Green Coffin

Cardboard coffin with Rope Handles, Calico Lining

and 12” Cotton Frill. 

6' 1'' x 22'' x 12'' (L x W x D) £480

6' 7'' x 24'' x 12'' (L x W x D) £595

white cardboard coffin
White Cardboard Coffin

Cardboard coffin with Rope Handles, Calico Lining

and 12” Cotton Frill.

6' 1'' x 22'' x 12'' (L x W x D) £440

6' 7'' x 24'' x 12'' (L x W x D) £555

brown cardboard coffin
Brown Cardboard Coffin

Cardboard coffin with Rope Handles, Calico Lining

and 12” Cotton Frill.

6' 1'' x 22'' x 12'' (L x W x D) £440

6' 7'' x 24'' x 12'' (L x W x D) £555

Wood Effect Coffins


Discover the timeless allure of our Wood Effect Coffins, a collection that stands as our most popular choice, suitable for both cremation and burial ceremonies. Amongst our offerings, the Morpeth coffin has become a preferred selection for many of our families, seamlessly included in the price of all our Funeral options. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, these coffins boast a range of entry cost-effective options. Constructed using MDF or chipboard laminated with paper featuring a variety of wood effects, these coffins are designed to exude the warmth and charm of natural wood. While not hand-finished like a veneer coffin, they are meticulously polished to a high standard, ensuring a dignified and tasteful final resting place. It's important to note that joints and nail holes cannot be sanded due to the manufacturing process. The coffin moulds are created with MDF wrapped in a carefully selected paper wood effect to complement the overall aesthetics. The coffin base is made from chipboard, with plywood used in the case of larger outsize coffins exceeding 26 inches in width. All our wood effect coffins are FSC certified (unless specified) and FFMA certified, reflecting our commitment to sustainability and quality assurance. Choose the sophistication of Wood Effect Coffins for a fitting tribute to your loved ones.

Upton Light Oak Effect Coffin

Light Oak effect. 
cluded standard with our packages
over 6'4" x 24" x 14" £580

The Hastings Coffin

Limed Oak effect with matching moulds. From £490

The Arran Coffin

Dark Oak effect with matching moulds. From £490

The Mitford Coffin

Light Oak effect with a raised lid. From £530

The Radcliffe Coffin

Limed Oak effect with raised lid. From £530

The Harewood Coffin

Mahogany effect with raised lid. From £540

The Abingdon Coffin

Elm effect with embossed panel sides. From £700

The Chalfont Coffin

Mahogany effect with embossed side panels. From £700

The Stratford Coffin

Mahogany effect with fine panels to sides, ends and lid. From £700

The Staffordshire Coffin

Elm wood effect with routered sides, ends and a raised lid. From £720

The Kensington Coffin

Mahogany wood effect with embossed sides, ends and a raised lid. From £740

Veneered Coffins


Welcome to the refined elegance of Veneered Coffins, a cherished choice among many who seek a sophisticated blend of aesthetic appeal and robust durability. Our traditional veneered coffins stand out with a distinctive design, featuring core panels adorned with a thin layer of real wood for a rich and handsome finish. Offering greater strength compared to other materials, these coffins are meticulously crafted to meet the highest standards. Choose from a variety of styles, including the regal Mahogany with raised panel sides and a high gloss finish, or the classic Oak with oak moldings and square embossed panel sides. Every detail matters, and that's why our veneered coffins are hand-finished and polished to perfection. From precisely crafted mitres to the meticulous filling and sanding of pin or nail holes, our commitment to excellence is evident in every aspect. Rest assured, all our veneered coffins are Forest Stewardship Council accredited, reflecting our dedication to sustainable and responsible practices. Embrace the sophistication of Veneered Coffins for a fitting tribute that combines timeless beauty with enduring strength.

The Oxford Coffin

An Oak style veneer engraved with fine panel details. In White, Green, Red or Blue. From £650

The Raby Coffin

An Oak style veneer with routered panel sides, ends and a raised lid. From £770

The Hexham Coffin

An Oak style veneer with a raised lid and three quarter panels, polished in golden Teak. From £770

The Auckland Coffin

A Mahogany style veneer with routered panel sides, ends and a raised lid polished in light Mahogany. From £790

The Keswick Coffin

A Pippy Oak style veneer with routered panels and a raised lid, polished to a high gloss finish. From £790

The Exeter Coffin

An Golden Maple style veneer with a raised lid and routered panels, polished to a high gloss finish. From £790

Solid Wood Coffins


Introducing our exquisite collection of Solid Wood Coffins, a testament to timeless craftsmanship and unparalleled quality. These traditional coffins are meticulously crafted using a combination of premium wood veneer and solid timber, ensuring a distinguished and enduring final resting place for your loved ones. Each coffin is individually crafted to the highest standards, utilizing the finest furniture-grade woods to create a truly exceptional piece. Committed to sustainability, we source all our wood from independently verified, sustainable forests. Suitable for both cremation and burial, our solid wood coffins are a harmonious blend of elegance and eco-consciousness. Choose from a range of styles, each featuring a pine base and crafted with precision. Every detail, from the finishing touches to the hand-polished surfaces, reflects our dedication to excellence. For those seeking a truly bespoke tribute, our completely solid wood coffins and caskets are priced individually based on exact, personalized specifications. Embrace the unmatched beauty and craftsmanship of Solid Wood Coffins as a fitting tribute to honour the memory of your cherished ones.

The Tamworth Coffin

A solid Redwood timber (either Sapele, Utile or similar FSC certified wood) coffin. Finished in a simple gloss. From £1,015

The Oakham Coffin

A solid Oak coffin with deep solid wood moulds to the base and lid. Polished with a gloss finish. From £1,040

The Hamworth Coffin

A solid Redwood timber (Sapele or similar FSC certified wood) with a raised lid and deep moulds to the base. From £1,040

The Argyle Coffin

A solid Redwood timber (either Sapele or similar FSC certified wood) coffin. Square feature panels and deep solid mouldings. From £1,100

The Ascot Coffin

A solid Oak coffin with deep solid wood moulds to the base and a raised lid. Polished to a gloss finish. From £1,100

The Barnard Coffin

A solid Oak coffin with a high raised lid and feature panels to the sides and ends. Polished to a rich gloss finish. From £1,100

Heart Message Tags


Create a heartfelt and personalized farewell with our Heart-Shaped Wooden Tags – the perfect touch to accompany a hand-written or engraved message on a coffin. Crafted from Birch plywood, these tags provide a warm and natural canvas for your sentiments. Whether using a pencil or biro, these tags are designed to capture your heartfelt messages. While fibre-tipped pens are not recommended, we offer the option to engrave your personalized messages directly onto each heart. With external dimensions of 64 mm x 65 mm x 2 mm (L x W x D), these delicate hearts add a tender and meaningful element to your farewell. Priced at £3 each, the first engraved heart is available for £7, and subsequent engraved hearts are £5 each. Express your emotions with a maximum of 100 characters for your message, knowing that the fewer characters you use, the larger and more impactful your words will be. Honour your loved ones with these beautifully crafted Heart-Shaped Wooden Tags, ensuring a heartfelt and lasting tribute.

Engraved Heart Message Tags
Engraved Heart Message Tags
Blank Heart Message Tags
Hand Written Heart Message Tags
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