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Welcome to Rounce Funeral Services -
Standardised Price List 2024 - 2025

Rounce Funeral Services in Worthing, West Sussex, has been a pioneer in transparent pricing for the last two decades, both on our website and in our premises. This commitment stems from our belief that every customer should have full knowledge of the charges for a funeral and any related costs before making a decision to engage our services.

There are several reasons why Rounce Funeral Services has chosen to be transparent about their pricing:

Customer Empowerment: By providing clear and accessible pricing information, Rounce empowers their customers to make informed decisions about funeral arrangements. This transparency eliminates surprises or unexpected expenses, allowing families to plan and budget accordingly during what can be a difficult time.

Trust and Integrity: Transparent pricing builds trust between the funeral service provider and their clients. It demonstrates a commitment to honesty and integrity, showing that Rounce is not trying to conceal costs or take advantage of grieving families.

Fairness and Equality: Having a standardized price list ensures fairness and equality in service provision. All customers are treated equally and have access to the same pricing information, regardless of their background or circumstances.

Industry Leadership: By being a leading light in advertising prices, Rounce sets a positive example for the funeral industry as a whole. Their transparency may encourage other funeral service providers to adopt similar practices, ultimately benefiting consumers across the board.

Introducing our price list for 2024 reaffirms Rounce's dedication to transparency and customer-centric values. It demonstrates our ongoing commitment to providing compassionate and trustworthy funeral services to the community we serve.

For the past two decades, Rounce Funeral Services has consistently illuminated transparency by prominently displaying all prices on our website and within our premises. We firmly adhere to the belief that every customer deserves clear and accessible information regarding Rounce's funeral charges and associated costs before deciding to engage our services.

To further enhance transparency, we invite you to access a downloadable and printable PDF document containing the Rounce Funeral Services Fees & Charges for 2024 - 2025. These comprehensive documents encompass all pricing details for Rounce's services. Feel free to view, download, and print this resource for your convenience.

Rounce Funeral Services

Rounce Funeral Services
Price List 2024-2025

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