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The first stages after someone dies


If your loved one passes away at home, phone us after the doctor has been. We will then bring your loved one into our care with gentleness and respect.

When someone dies at home or in a nursing home

If your loved one died at home, the first contact should be made to their Doctor or the Doctor on call. In most cases they will issue a medical certificate of cause of death. 

In the case of a nursing home, the staff will call the doctor on your behalf.

In some cases, if for example the death was sudden and unexpected, the Doctor will refer the deceased to the Coroner.  

The only other call to make, is to your chosen Funeral Director. We would be privileged to arrange the dignified funeral of your loved one. 

When someone dies in hospital

Your Funeral Director will liaise with all officials on your behalf and attend to all legal formalities with the exception of registration which they cannot do.

The nursing staff will advise you on the collection of certificates and personal effects.

Making the phone call to your funeral director

Whenever you need the services of a Funeral Director, Rounce Funeral Services are proud to offer you their help and support.

Peace of mind is only one phone call away with our 24 hour services.

By choosing Rounce Funeral Services, you are assured of a trusted and caring Funeral Director who is dedicated to serving the needs of the local community.

What happens next?

We’ll arrange to transfer your loved one into our care whether it be from hospital, nursing home, duty funeral directors or a home address.

One of our dedicated Funeral Directors will contact you to arrange a time that is convenient to make the arrangements for the funeral.  

We are available to visit your home or we can offer a dedicated arrangement room at our premises if you wish to visit us.

When someone dies suddenly

It is in the general interest of the community that any sudden or unexplained death should be investigated. The cost of this service is met by the Local Authority.

The most common reason for referral to the Coroner is that the patients’ Doctor had not seen the deceased recently.

The Coroner may be able to ascertain that the death was from natural causes and that there is a Doctor who will certify the cause of death. 

If this is not the case, the Coroner will arrange for an examination which, in most instances, shows that the death was from natural causes. They will then issue a medical certificate and forward it to the Registrar. 

If the death is referred to the Coroner, your Funeral Director will  attend to all the necessary legalities. 

If you decide to use our service, we will keep you advised on a regular and ongoing basis.

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