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Paying Your Respects


Welcome to Rounce Funeral Service, where we understand that saying goodbye to a loved one is a deeply personal and emotional journey. In times of loss, we recognize the importance of creating a meaningful farewell that honours the unique life and memories of the departed. Our commitment is to guide you through this challenging process with compassion and expertise.

Here, we offer a comprehensive guide to help you navigate the various aspects of bidding farewell to a cherished individual. Discover the details of what transpires on the day of the funeral, ensuring that you are well-informed and prepared during this significant event.

Moreover, we understand the power of memories and the significance of preserving the essence of your loved one's life. Explore ways to pay a truly personal tribute by crafting a heartfelt eulogy that captures the spirit, achievements, and impact they had on those around them. At Rounce Funeral Service, we are here to support you as you navigate this difficult time, providing the assistance and resources you need to honour and celebrate the life of your dear departed.

Saying goodbye


Many individuals find solace in preserving the cherished memories of their loved ones, either by reminiscing about moments from their lives or simply spending quiet moments in their presence.  At our Half Moon Lane premises, we are proud to offer a dedicated Chapel of Rest, accessible on weekdays between 9 am and 5 pm. This tranquil space is at your disposal as frequently and for as long as you need, embodying a serene environment for reflection.


To ensure your undisturbed time with your loved one, we kindly request that you schedule an appointment by calling ahead.

There is no charge associated with visiting your beloved, regardless of the frequency or duration of your visits. Your comfort is our priority.  In instances where uncertainty surrounds a visit, our compassionate team is available to discuss and, when appropriate, offer guidance. While we can accompany you in the Chapel, the decision to visit remains deeply personal and entirely yours to make.

Should you choose to pay your final respects, we extend the option to dress your loved one in attire provided by you, allowing them to appear as natural as possible. Additionally, for those seeking a moment of quiet contemplation, sitting beside the closed coffin is an available option.

Whether or not you decide to visit, leaving a token of personal significance, such as a letter or photograph, can provide a comforting connection. Rest assured, in accordance with Crematorium regulations, we guarantee that these mementos will remain with your loved one, preserving the bond between you and them.

Our Chapel of Rest

Our Chapel of Rest

On the Scheduled Day of the Funeral


The hearse will proceed either directly to the Crematorium, Church, Cemetery, or follow a designated route. If you prefer, the final journey can commence from the home, and you will receive detailed information about the timings and logistics well in advance through our 'Confirmation of Arrangements.'

Understanding that witnessing the arrival of the hearse and pallbearers may be emotionally challenging, arrangements can be made for your loved one to be already placed on the catafalque upon your arrival at the Crematorium or on trestles within the Church.

Floral tributes can be sent to our premises on the day or in the afternoon of the day preceding the funeral, or attendees can bring them to the service.

For processions with accompanying cars, we make every effort to ensure they stay in close proximity to the hearse. If guests have travelled from other regions, we can provide a route map from their departure location to the service venue. Additionally, subject to availability, we can organize a minibus or coach for transportation to and from the funeral.

Upon our arrival at the venue, ample time will be allotted for parking and making one's way to the church or chapel. You will be given the option to take your seats or follow the coffin, accommodating your personal preference. The funeral director will be present throughout, ensuring a smooth and respectful process.


Following the service, they will guide you to the exit, point out where tributes are displayed, answer any questions, and collect tribute cards when you are ready to depart. We will securely store these at our premises until you choose to collect them or request forwarding. Your peace of mind is our priority.

How to write a Eulogy

Crafting a eulogy is a profound undertaking, especially during the emotionally charged period following the passing of a loved one. Despite the inherent difficulty, the task of penning a eulogy, also known as a Tribute to a Loved One, is a noble endeavour that should be approached with pride, honouring and celebrating the life that once was.

Determining the ideal person to compose and deliver the eulogy, or the most fitting approach to the task, is a deeply personal decision. Each relationship within and outside the family holds unique significance, with every individual possessing their own memories of the departed.

Typically, a close relative or family friend is entrusted with the responsibility of writing and presenting the eulogy to those gathered to bid their final farewells. Alternatively, with family consent, it is not uncommon to provide the officiant, be it a Priest, Minister, Celebrant, or Humanist, with an outline of the Loved One's life to facilitate the undertaking of this important duty.

While established guidelines exist for composing a eulogy, it remains a highly personal endeavour. It is crucial to bear in mind that the goal is to create a verbal portrait of the individual that is immediately recognizable to family and friends. This involves acknowledging the early stages of the Loved One's life, the significant people therein, such as spouses, children, and others, and recounting their formative years, joyful moments, and perhaps the challenges they faced.

In addition, the eulogy should highlight the person's accomplishments, special talents, lesser-known hobbies, and important milestones. Despite the profound grief, the narrative should be infused with love and celebration. Introducing elements of humour by sharing funny anecdotes involving the individual can further enrich the tribute.

Alternatively, the family may opt for a less formal approach, choosing to showcase the Loved One's favourite poem or passage from a sacred text. The decision between a formal eulogy or an alternative tribute is entirely at the discretion of the family, with no rigid rules governing the process.

When delivering the eulogy during the funeral service, it's essential to maintain composure and breathe naturally. Remember, those in attendance are present to honour and remember the departed, not to scrutinize the speaker. Controlling the pace of speech, incorporating pauses for reflection, and strategically planning breaks in the notes are valuable techniques. Always keep a second copy of the speech as a precautionary measure, providing it to a backup speaker in case unforeseen circumstances arise. Emotions may surface during delivery, and having a backup ensures that the tribute will be delivered even if the primary speaker is unable to continue.

If nervousness sets in, envision the audience as your loved one, alleviating the pressure and fostering a more authentic connection with the listeners. In times of emotional difficulty, remember that understanding prevails, and pauses for comfort or reflection are not only acceptable but expected. Having a backup plan ensures that the eulogy, a poignant reflection of a life lived, is conveyed with the dignity and respect it deserves.

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