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Hobbies Cardboard Coffins


Welcome to Rounce Funeral Services, where we understand the power of personalization in commemorating a life well-lived. Introducing our Various Hobbies - Pictorial Cardboard Coffins—a touching and bespoke way to honour your loved one's passions and pastimes.

At Rounce, we recognize that each individual is a mosaic of unique interests and hobbies that contribute to the rich tapestry of their life. Our commitment is to celebrate these cherished aspects by offering personalized cardboard coffins inspired by the hobbies that brought joy, fulfilment, and meaning to your loved one's journey.

Whether your dear departed had a fervour for fishing, immersed themselves in the world of literature, enjoyed playing a sport, or engaged in any other hobby, we can create a printed design that serves as a perfect send-off. Our Pictorial Cardboard Coffins are crafted with care, ensuring that the final tribute reflects the essence of the hobbies that made your loved one truly unique.

For those who were passionate about football, our Football Cardboard Coffins stand as a particularly popular choice. These robust and rigid coffins are printed with superior quality inks, guaranteeing a beautiful finish that pays homage to their unwavering support for their favourite team.

At Rounce Funeral Services, we take pride in our ability to create coffins inspired by various football clubs. Whether it's the iconic red of Manchester United, the blue hues of Manchester City, the history of Arsenal, the glory of Liverpool, the loyalty of Everton, the spirit of Newcastle, or any other football team—be it in the UK or overseas—we can produce a design that resonates with the passion and dedication your loved one had for their favourite team.

Allow us to be your partner in creating a final resting place that beautifully reflects the hobbies and interests that defined your loved one's life. At Rounce, we believe that every tribute should be as unique as the individual it honours, providing solace and comfort to those who gather to remember and celebrate a life filled with cherished moments and beloved hobbies.

Surcharge For Standard Hobbies Coffin: £400

Surcharge For Added Bespoke Designs: £200

Atlas Map Cardboard Coffin

Atlas Map

Bags Shoes and Bling Cardboard Coffin

Bags, Shoes and Bling

Beer Barrel Cardboard Coffin

Beer Barrel

Birdwatching Cardboard Coffin


Bookcase Cardboard Coffin


Bowls Cardboard Coffin


British Motorbike Cardboard Coffin

British Motorbike

Cricket Pitch Cardboard Coffin

Cricket Pitch

Crossword Cardboard Coffin


Dancing Silhouettes Cardboard Coffin

Dancing Silhouettes

DJ Cardboard Coffin


F1 Racing Cardboard Coffin

F1 Racing

Fisherman Cardboard Coffin


Football Cardboard Coffin


Fossils Cardboard Coffin


Golf Cardboard Coffin


Magician Cardboard Coffin


Rugby Cardboard Coffin


Sailing Regattas Cardboard Coffin

Sailing Regattas

Scrabble Design Cardboard Coffin

Scrabble Design

Snooker Cardboard Coffin


Spitfire Plane in White Cliffs of Dover Cardboard Coffin

Spitfire plane in White Cliffs of Dover

Cardboard Coffins


Product Credentials

• Product and all materials are manufactured in the UK
• Our biodegradable coffins are suitable for both burial and cremation
• Our coffins can be decorated, but we only recommmend using waterbased inks, paints and glues
• All of our Cardboard Coffins are FFMA Accredited. To find out more please visit 
Importantly they conform to the highest standards required by Crematoriums and 
Woodland Burial Sites.

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