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Cardboard Coffins


Welcome to Rounce Funeral Services, where we understand that every life is unique, and every farewell should be a reflection of the individual's personality and passions. Our cardboard coffins offer a distinctive and eco-friendly alternative, allowing you to bring special memories of your loved one to life in a truly personalized way.

At Rounce Funeral Service, we believe that celebrating a life should be as unique as the person it honours. Our fully customizable cardboard coffins provide a canvas for you to showcase the individuality of your family member or friend. Did they have a love for cars that defined their essence? Were they passionate about bird-watching, had a sweet tooth, or adored a particular flower? We are here to help you create a lasting tribute by incorporating these cherished memories into the design of our strong, sturdy, and lightweight cardboard coffins.

Whether your choice is burial or cremation, our cardboard coffins are versatile and respectful, ensuring a fitting farewell. Our commitment is to transform these eco-friendly coffins into a testament of a life well-lived. With the ability to print any design onto the surface of the coffin, we enable you to capture the essence of your loved one's personality, hobbies, and interests.

At Rounce Funeral Service, we understand the importance of honouring the uniqueness of each individual, and our cardboard coffins provide a thoughtful and environmentally conscious option for a personalized farewell. Join us in creating a meaningful tribute that preserves the special memories of your loved one, making their farewell a truly unforgettable celebration of life.

Larger, outsize coffins over 24" wide are individually made as a bespoke service and therefore these will be
priced individually and will cost more.

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