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Woollen Coffins


Discover the warmth and sustainability of our Woollen Coffins, proudly crafted in Yorkshire using pure new wool atop a sturdy recycled cardboard frame. Wool, a fibre with a true green lineage, not only exudes natural elegance but is also sustainable and biodegradable. The interior is thoughtfully lined with organic cotton and adorned with attractive jute edges, complemented by an embroidered woollen nameplate for a personalized touch.

Our Natural Legacy Wool coffin, expertly woven in Yorkshire, stands as a testament to the rich heritage of the region. Gentle on the eyes and soft to the touch, Na
tural Legacy coffins provide families with a less severe and more personalized farewell. Certified by the FFMA, these coffins are suitable for both cremation and eco-friendly burials in the UK. Hand-constructed on the same premises that has produced the outer woollen cloth for over 230 years, Natural Legacy ensures a timeless tribute that aligns with your values of sustainability and warmth.

white woollen coffin

White Woollen Coffin
Made using 100% wool that is expertly woven in Yorkshire. Coffin interior is generously lined with cotton, attractively edged with jute and completed with a soft cotton covered and wool filled pillow. Surcharge: £600

grey woollen coffin

Grey Woollen Coffin
Suitable for both burial and cremation, the non traditional coffin shape combined with the soft stroke-able finish allow a more relatable and easier experience for those left behind. Surcharge: £600

Woollen Ash Casket

Woollen Ash Casket
The Ash Casket, soft and versatile, includes a removable internal box for ashes, allowing families to scatter or bury them. The outer casing serves as a tactile memory box for cherished moments and belongings of the departed.
Charge: £150

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