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Humorous Cardboard Coffins


Welcome to Rounce Funeral Services, where we understand that laughter, even in the face of loss, can be a powerful and healing tribute. Introducing our Humorous - Pictorial Cardboard Coffins—a collection designed for those who wish to celebrate life with a touch of humour, capturing the essence of your loved one's playful spirit.

If your dear departed was renowned for their sense of humour, or if they specifically requested a more light-hearted farewell, our unorthodox coffin designs offer a unique way to celebrate their joyful approach to life.

Our Funny Coffins For An Upbeat Farewell embrace the tradition of laughter alongside, or even in defiance of, death. From the classic tune "Always Look on the Bright Side of Life" from Monty Python's Life of Brian to Spike Milligan's legendary epitaph "I Told You I Was Ill," humour has long been a way to cope with life's challenges. The British sense of humour, in particular, lends itself to finding joy in difficult moments, which is why our humorous coffins have become such a popular choice.

We understand that your loved one's sense of humour was unique and personal. That's why our design team at Rounce is delighted to work with you to create a custom design that perfectly captures the humour that defined your loved one's personality. Whether it's a witty quote, a humorous illustration, or a design inspired by their favourite comedic moments, we are dedicated to crafting a tribute that reflects the joyful spirit of your dear departed.

At Rounce Funeral Services, we believe in honouring lives in the most authentic and meaningful ways. Our Humorous - Pictorial Cardboard Coffins provide a light-hearted and personalized option for those who want to celebrate a life filled with laughter, love, and cherished moments. Allow us to be your partner in creating a final farewell that brings smiles and fond memories to those who gather to remember and celebrate a life well-lived.

Surcharge For Standard Humorous Coffin: £400

Surcharge For Added Bespoke Designs: £200

Batman Cardboard Coffin


Bubbles Cardboard Coffin


Fragile Goods Cardboard Coffin

Fragile Goods

Halloween Cardboard Coffin


Luvly Jubbly Only Fools and Horses Cardboard Coffin

Luvly Jubbly Only Fools and Horses

Red Skull and Crossbones Cardboard Coffin

Red Skull and Crossbones

Return to Sender Stickers Cardboard Coffin

Return to Sender Stickers

Rubber Duck Cardboard Coffin

Rubber Duck

Secret Agent Cardboard Coffin

Secret Agent

Silver Bullet Cardboard Coffin

Silver Bullet

Skull and Crossbones on White Cardboard Coffin

Skull and Crossbones on White

Telephone Box Cardboard Coffin

Telephone Box

This Way Up Cardboard Coffin

This Way Up

Cardboard Coffins


Product Credentials

• Product and all materials are manufactured in the UK
• Our biodegradable coffins are suitable for both burial and cremation
• Our coffins can be decorated, but we only recommmend using waterbased inks, paints and glues
• All of our Cardboard Coffins are FFMA Accredited. To find out more please visit 
Importantly they conform to the highest standards required by Crematoriums and 
Woodland Burial Sites.

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