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Patterns and Textures Cardboard Coffins


Welcome to Rounce Funeral Services, where we understand that beauty can be found in the intricate details of patterns and textures. Introducing our Patterns & Textures - Pictorial Cardboard Coffins—an elegant and personalized way to create a lasting memorial that reflects the diverse tapestry of your loved one's life.

Our talented design team at Rounce possesses the skill and creativity to produce beautifully printed cardboard coffins adorned with an array of patterns and textures. From classic stripes and tartan to intricate honeycomb and wool patterns, we offer a wide range of options to suit various tastes and preferences.

The possibilities are limitless as we can create designs ranging from complex floral prints to national flags. Decorating a cardboard coffin with the deceased's country of birth can serve as a particularly fitting and patriotic memorial. Our skilled artisans can craft Union Jack coffins or coffins based on any national flag, providing a dignified and personalized tribute to your loved one's heritage.

At Rounce, we understand the importance of creating a design that perfectly reflects the passions, interests, or home country of your dear departed. We recognize that every individual is unique, and our commitment is to capture the essence of their life through a design that resonates with your thoughts and feelings during this challenging time.

Allow us to be your partner in creating a final resting place that is as unique and special as the person it honours. Our Patterns & Textures - Pictorial Cardboard Coffins offer a thoughtful and visually striking option, providing solace and comfort to those who gather to remember and celebrate a life adorned with the intricate and diverse patterns that make each person truly one-of-a-kind.

Surcharge For Patterns and Textures Coffin: £400

Surcharge For Added Bespoke Designs: £200

Akin Ancient Tartan Cardboard Coffin

Akin Ancient Tartan

Antique Union Jack Cardboard Coffin

Antique Union Jack

Blue Camouflage Cardboard Coffin

Blue Camouflage

Crocodile Skin Cardboard Coffin

Crocodile Skin

Honeycomb Cardboard Coffin


Leopard Print Cardboard Coffin

Leopard Print

Northumberland Tartan Cardboard Coffin

Northumberland Tartan

Optical Illusion Black and White Cardboard Coffin

Optical Illusion Black and White

Patchwork Cardboard Coffin


Plasma Cardboard Coffin


Pride Cardboard Coffin


Red Brick Cardboard Coffin

Red Brick

Snake Skin Cardboard Coffin

Snake Skin

Tartan with Shade of Red and Green Cardboard Coffin

Tartan with shade of Red and Green

Tiger Stripe Cardboard Coffin

Tiger Stripe

Cardboard Coffins


Product Credentials

• Product and all materials are manufactured in the UK
• Our biodegradable coffins are suitable for both burial and cremation
• Our coffins can be decorated, but we only recommmend using waterbased inks, paints and glues
• All of our Cardboard Coffins are FFMA Accredited. To find out more please visit 
Importantly they conform to the highest standards required by Crematoriums and 
Woodland Burial Sites.

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