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Veneered Coffins


Welcome to the refined elegance of Veneered Coffins, a cherished choice among many who seek a sophisticated blend of aesthetic appeal and robust durability. Our traditional veneered coffins stand out with a distinctive design, featuring core panels adorned with a thin layer of real wood for a rich and handsome finish. Offering greater strength compared to other materials, these coffins are meticulously crafted to meet the highest standards. Choose from a variety of styles, including the regal Mahogany with raised panel sides and a high gloss finish, or the classic Oak with oak moldings and square embossed panel sides.

Every detail matters, and that's why our veneered coffins are hand-finished and polished to perfection. From precisely crafted mitres to the meticulous filling and sanding of pin or nail holes, our commitment to excellence is evident in every aspect. Larger, outsize coffins over 24" wide are individually made as a bespoke service and therefore these will be priced individually and will cost more.

Rest assured, all our veneered coffins are Forest Stewardship Council accredited, reflecting our dedication to sustainable and responsible practices. Embrace the sophistication of Veneered Coffins for a fitting tribute that combines timeless beauty with enduring strength.

The Oxford Coffin

An Oak style veneer engraved with fine panel details. In White, Green, Red or Blue. 

The Raby Coffin

An Oak style veneer with routered panel sides, ends and a raised lid.
Surcharge: £450

The Hexham Coffin

An Oak style veneer with a raised lid and three quarter panels, polished in golden Teak.
Surcharge: £45

The Auckland Coffin

A Mahogany style veneer with routered panel sides, ends and a raised lid polished in light Mahogany. Surcharge: £500

The Keswick Coffin

A Pippy Oak style veneer with routered panels and a raised lid, polished to a high gloss finish. Surcharge: £500

The Exeter Coffin

An Golden Maple style veneer with a raised lid and routered panels, polished to a high gloss finish. Surcharge: £500

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