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Solid Wood Coffins


Introducing our exquisite collection of Solid Wood Coffins, a testament to timeless craftsmanship and unparalleled quality. These traditional coffins are meticulously crafted using a combination of premium wood veneer and solid timber, ensuring a distinguished and enduring final resting place for your loved ones. Each coffin is individually crafted to the highest standards, utilizing the finest furniture-grade woods to create a truly exceptional piece. Committed to sustainability, we source all our wood from independently verified, sustainable forests.

Suitable for both cremation and burial, our solid wood coffins are a harmonious blend of elegance and eco-consciousness. Choose from a range of styles, each featuring a pine base and crafted with precision. Every detail, from the finishing touches to the hand-polished surfaces, reflects our dedication to excellence.

Larger, outsize coffins over 24" wide are individually made as a bespoke service and therefore these will be priced individually and will cost more. 
Embrace the unmatched beauty and craftsmanship of Solid Wood Coffins as a fitting tribute to honour the memory of your cherished ones.

The Tamworth Coffin

A solid Redwood timber (either Sapele, Utile or similar FSC certified wood) coffin. Finished in a simple gloss. Surcharge: £750

The Oakham Coffin

A solid Oak coffin with deep solid wood moulds to the base and lid. Polished with a gloss finish. Surcharge: £750

The Hamworth Coffin

A solid Redwood timber (Sapele or similar FSC certified wood) with a raised lid and deep moulds to the base. Surcharge: £750

The Argyle Coffin

A solid Redwood timber (either Sapele or similar FSC certified wood) coffin. Square feature panels & deep solid mouldings. Surcharge: £850

The Ascot Coffin

A solid Oak coffin with deep solid wood moulds to the base and a raised lid. Polished to a gloss finish. Surcharge: £850

The Barnard Coffin

A solid Oak coffin with a high raised lid and feature panels to the sides and ends. Polished to a rich gloss finish. Surcharge: £850

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