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Scenic Cardboard Coffins


Welcome to Rounce Funeral Services, where we believe that the journey into eternity can be as picturesque and unique as the life it commemorates. Introducing our Scenic Views and Memories - Pictorial Cardboard Coffins—an extraordinary and deeply personal way to express your feelings and create a final resting place that reflects the beauty of cherished memories.

Our scenic coffins from Rounce offer a truly personalized canvas to capture the essence of your loved one's life journey. As you explore the selection below, you'll witness the diverse array of possibilities—from tranquil beaches to mesmerizing night skies, majestic mountains to serene sunsets. These colourful and vibrant scenes from nature are skilfully reproduced using superior inks on an exceptionally robust and rigid cardboard casket.

Our Colourful Scenic Coffins are more than ju
st final resting places; they are reflections of the vivid and meaningful moments that shaped your loved one's life. The scenes are carefully chosen to celebrate the beauty of nature and the memories shared with your dear departed.

If you draw inspiration from the scenes displayed below, you have the option to choose from our selection of vivid, colourful creations. Alternatively, if you have a specific vision in mind, our experienced design team is ready to bring your bespoke ideas to life. We understand that every individual is unique, and our commitment is to produce a design that perfectly reflects your thoughts and feelings about the deceased or captures a scene that symbolizes their remarkable life journey.

At Rounce Funeral Services, we believe in providing a comforting and meaningful way to bid farewell. Our Scenic Views and Memories - Pictorial Cardboard Coffins serve as a visual tribute to the landscapes and memories that enriched your loved one's life, bringing solace and beauty to those who gather to remember and celebrate a life well-lived.

Surcharge For Standard Scenic Coffin: £400

Surcharge For Added Bespoke Designs: £200

Aurora Cardboard Coffin


Beach Huts Cardboard Coffin

Beach Huts

Butterfly Sunset Cardboard Coffin

Butterfly Sunset

Cosmic Space Cardboard Coffin

Cosmic Space

Crystal Cove Scene Cardboard Coffin

Crystal Cove Scene

Deep Space Cardboard Coffin

Deep Space

Desert Island Cardboard Coffin

Desert Island

Fireworks Cardboard Coffin


Fristal Beach Cardboard Coffin

Fristal Beach

Heath Dartmoor Cardboard Coffin

Heath Dartmoor

Lake District Cardboard Coffin

Lake District

Lakeside Sunset Cardboard Coffin

Lakeside Sunset

Lavender Sunset Cardboard Coffin

Lavender Sunset

London at Night Cardboard Coffin

London at Night

Paradise Beach Cardboard Coffin

Paradise Beach

Sand Dune Shore Cardboard Coffin

Sand Dune Shore

Seaside Sunset Cardboard Coffin

Seaside Sunset

Snowdrop Woodland Cardboard Coffin

Snowdrop Woodland

Steam Train on Rails Cardboard Coffin

Steam Train on Rails

Summer Beach Cardboard Coffin

Summer Beach

Sunset Cardboard Coffin


Tropical Beach Cardboard Coffin

Tropical Beach

Tryfan Mountains Cardboard Coffin

Tryfan Mountains

Waterfalls Cardboard Coffin


Wave Cardboard Coffin


Wild Flower Meadow Cardboard Coffin

Wild Flower Meadow

Winter Scene Cardboard Coffin

Winter Scene

Cardboard Coffins


Product Credentials

• Product and all materials are manufactured in the UK
• Our biodegradable coffins are suitable for both burial and cremation
• Our coffins can be decorated, but we only recommmend using waterbased inks, paints and glues
• All of our Cardboard Coffins are FFMA Accredited. To find out more please visit 
Importantly they conform to the highest standards required by Crematoriums and 
Woodland Burial Sites.

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